Hikvision Cameras Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common issues that we often get asked on Hikvision devices. All answers are procured from hikvision.com ©2021 Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

This FAQ is growing as we get more questions from our customers. This page is last updated on 09/06/2022. Any questions please use the contact form below or call us on 1300 888 767.


New Hikvision devices (ie IP cameras (IPC), PTZ cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), and network video recorders (NVR) with the latest firmware (IP cameras from 5.3.0, DVR/NVR from V3.3.0) no longer have a default password. When using the device for the first time, users need to activate the device through a compulsory password setting. The following is a quick start guide for users on how to activate the device.

Hikvision Quick Start Guide to Device Activation

We often get asked how to reset passwords on either an NVR or IP Camera. The following quick guide by Hikvision takes you through the steps to do this.

● You DO need to download the latest SADP tool from Hikvision.

● You can only reset passwords with Australian region codes/serial numbers.


Images Issue

Cause 1

The lens does not match the lens mount of the box camera. A box camera has C mount or CSmount. A CS-mount camera can be connected to a CS-mount lens directly. However, you need touse a lens adapter to connect a CS-mount camera with a C-mount lens.

Cause 2

The lens does not focus. You need to adjust the focal length or focus again. Network cameras have varifocal or fixed-focal lenses. Varifocal lenses focus manually or automatically.

● For fixed-focal cameras, the image blur may be caused by bumps during transportation. Pleasecontact us on 1300 888 767.

● For manual varifocal cameras, first adjust the zoom ring (W-T), and then adjust the focus ring (N-∞).

● For motorized varifocal cameras, access the device by web browser, go to Configuration → Image → Display Settings → Focus, and check the focus mode. If the image is not clear underauto or semi-auto mode, adjust to manual mode. Use Zoom + and Zoom - buttons to zoom inand out. Use Focus + and Focus - buttons to get a clear image.

● For box cameras, use Auto Back Focus (ABF) to focus.

Cause 3

The lens or transparent cover is smeared, or the lens is blocked by cobwebs, etc. You need toremove the smear or block.

Cause 4

The protective film on the lens or transparent cover is not removed. You should remove the protective film.

Cause 1

The saturation is 0. Set the saturation to a value larger than 0.

Cause 2

Environment light problem.The environment light is lower than the day/night switch threshold, so the camera switches to night mode automatically.

Cause 3

The day/night switch is under night mode. Set the day/night switch as day.

Cause 1

There is a strong electromagnetic radiation source near the camera, for example, high-voltage cables or high-power motors. Protect the camera by effective grounding. Avoid the interference source when installing the camera. Use transmission cables with better shielding performance.

Cause 2

The analog camera is grounded nearby. The grounding electrical levels of camera and DVR are notthe same. Insulate the analog camera from the ground.

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