CCTV Camera Setup For New-build Houses or Properties

Planning the security for your new-build property? Know your options to avoid the pitfalls.

Protecting your new-build property is important. Below are some avenues you can take to ensure your security is done in the best way possible.

When it comes to implementing security solutions for your new home, in most cases, we would almost always recommend going for wired CCTV system. However, alarms offer a bit more flexibility as you can run the wires alongside your CCTV system or go wireless.

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Your options in integrating security for new-build properties


Option 1 - Security system hardware supplied and installed by existing builder

Pros: Having existing builders to supply and install your security system can have its benefits. The process of having your builder overseeing each aspect of the new build helps to reduce the stress and confusion onsite, and the expenses may be included in your mortgage.

Cons: The subcontractors hired by the builder may incur an added margin as high as 20%, while the security hardware supplied by subcontracted electricians often comes at premium. If you already know what you need to get as per a security expert's advice, you can get a significantly lower prices on the hardware at 


Option 2 - Security wiring and fit-off are done by existing builder, hardware to be installed by an external security company

Pros: This is an option if you have limited roof space access but not quite ready to install security cameras now. Many properties are difficult to wire once the build is completed, so you may decide to pre-wire now and install later.

Cons: There is a risk that the wiring wasn't installed properly, and you'll find this out later when the hardware are installed. This won't be covered by warranty by the external security company as the wiring was done by the builder. You may end up having to re-wire everything especially if the cables aren't run to areas unsuitable to place security cameras.


Option 3Pre-wires done by external security company now, then comes back later to finish fit-off and commission

Pros: This is the best choice if you are seeking to pre-wire your property now and install security hardware later. The cabling will be well-positioned, ready to have CCTV cameras installed after the building is finished. 

Cons: Always check with your builders first before going into this option as some builders don't allow external security installers onsite. There is also a risk that the cabling work is damaged by other trades while waiting for the building to be finished. 


Option 4All wiring/cabling and hardware installation are done by security company after the build is completed

Pros: This option is best suited for buildings with enough roof space for the wires/cables to run easily throughout. Your entire system will be built end to end by a security professional so you know that all warranty is covered should anything goes wrong.

Cons: This option will not suit properties with limited roof space such as multi-level buildings as you may want to have cameras halfway through.

Consider involving a security professional in your planning

It is recommended to consider hiring a security expert and involving one as early as the planning phase. They can provide a general advice about designing end-to-end security solutions, including those that you may not have thought of, such as windows positioning and outdoor lightings. 

Note: To install a security equipment in Australia, you need to find a licensed electrician or have a C2 installation license. 

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