Top Five Mistakes When Installing a Hikvision Security Camera For The First Time


There are a lot of things that could go wrong when you're DIY-installing a video security system, especially a commercial-grade security camera like Hikvision. Below we will list the top 5 common mistakes our clients have come across and how to avoid it at the very beginning. 

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Mistake #5: Forgetting to Consider IR Bounce Back

Did you just buy a Hikvision camera with infrared (IR) capabilities? Always double check the camera's positioning before installing your security camera. In this example below, the video looks perfect normally, however in pitch dark that infrared light is immediately bounced back to the camera before it can even reach anything in the rest of the room.

Normal view
Example of IR flooding


Another thing that you may consider is the IR glare - avoid placing your camera in front of walls, glass or any other direct light sources. The IR light can reflect off a nearby object back onto the lens, which results in a hazy image.

Check for reflection

If you really can't find a place to install your IR cameras, a wall mount or a junction box could be an option. This will give you the ability to extend your camera, potentially allowing your infrared LED to have plenty of room to beam its light.

Mistake #4: Forgetting To Remove The Protective Film and Foam

Issues with clarity? New cameras always are wrapped with a protective film to protect them from fingerprints or damages. It sounds like a no-brainer, however we have received many complaints after DIY installations only to find out that the protective film wasn't removed.

Remove the protective film

If you have bought PTZ cameras, remove the protective foam and tape inside the camera housing before turning on the camera.

Remove the protective tape

Mistake #3: Wasting Space In The Camera's Field Of View

Always double check and adjust the camera angle after installation. Use the app Hik-Connect to check Hikvision's cameras view instantly by scanning the QR code on the sticker. Then add the camera on your Hik-Connect app while adjusting the angle. Too high or too low and you could waste half of the field of view.

Check your camera angle

Utilise your free app
Adjust your camera angle live

Mistake #2: Ignoring the Distance Limits of Wires

The general maximum distance of UTP cabling over ethernet is 100m. Low quality wires and cables can easily reduce that distance limit to lower than 90m, or worse, lose your date and power! 

100m minimum distance

There are some solutions that you can try to fix this setup.

  1. Using Hikvision PoE NVR? Go to PoE configuration page and turn on the PoE distance switch for that channel to extend up to 300m.

    Adjust the PoE configuration page

  2. Using Hikvision switches? Find the DIP switch on rear panel and turn on the switch to extend the distance up to 250m.

    Turn on the DIP switch

  3. Add PoE repeaters.
    Extend the reach by adding PoE repeaters

Mistake #1: Forgetting To Waterproof The Cables

While camera housings are typically designed with IP67 dust and waterproof protection, the ethernet cables you use to connect your camera to your network aren't. Network ports and power cables that are exposed or SD card cover that isn't installed correctly are at the risk of rusting. 

Waterproof your cables using tape and jacket

The good news is, the process of waterproofing cables is really easy.

  • Use the waterproof tape and jacket provided in the packaging, place the zero ring gasket onto the end of the camera network interface and press down on the waterproof rubber gasket.
  • Feed the network cable through the waterproof end cap, plug in the network cable and tighten the waterproof jacket. 
  • Then use the waterproof tape to wrap exposed connections on the power cable. Your security camera is ready!


So there you go, top 5 common mistakes when installing your security cameras.

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Source: Hikvision 

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